Privacy Policy

Indeed, this policy describes the types of information we may collect from you or provide when you visit the AAM Express Food Delivery app and our methods for collecting, using, supporting, protecting, and disclosing that information.

The personal information collected by us is different that get various sources Like:

Significantly, we gather all the information to place orders, request information, help and make product suggestions.

How we Collect and Use that Information?

We collect data through registration forms for the AAM Express Food Delivery app. We will be used this information to manage your account and process your data. Moreover, we receive and store your data that you enter the registration forms of AAM Express mobile applications and use it if you contact us for support. Plus, we will also keep internal records for that.

Background Location

Indeed, our AAM Express Food Delivery application has a background location that is only used to provide beneficial features to the users and is relevant to the app's core functionality. Besides, a background access location reminder also clarifies how much permission apps have to a device's location. Plus, it also helps users to maintain control over such access. In addition to this, in Android 9 and lower, an app can track a device's location while running in the background without the knowledge of the user. Security
We ensure you that all the information and data that you share with us is secure, and we don’t share it with any other and protect it as we know it is a serious issue because it is against our privacy policy. Surely, we take precautions to protect your data and use security measures to protect against the loss or alteration of the information under our control.
When you submit sensitive information via a website or application, your information is protected online and offline. In addition, when you enter sensitive data on our forms, the information is encrypted using MD5 and securely transferred to us. On the other hand, we use encryption to protect your sensitive information transmitted online. More, we also protect your offline data.